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What Are They and How Do They Integrate with Cloud Reservation System TicketingHub

What are Turnstiles

Turnstiles are a common feature in many public buildings, like stadiums and airports. They provide an efficient method of controlling the flow of traffic by directing people to one door at a time. Turnstiles integrate with Cloud reservation system TicketingHub to create turnstile queues that follow this same pattern.

What is TicketingHub

TicketingHub's easy-to-use reservation system turns visitors into guests. By selling online, in person, and through distribution partners, your business will sell year-round and achieve growth in ways you have never imagined.

TicketingHub is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever considered themselves a business-on-the go. The reservation software can be accessed anytime and anywhere, providing you with all of the tools necessary to survive in this fast-paced market.

How do they work with TicketingHub

To increase efficiency, we offer a self-scanning program that allows customers to scan their own tickets and enter through the Turnstiles without any assistance. This will save time by eliminating wait times at entry as well as money spent on staffing during high volume periods like game days or concerts.

Eliminate the need for ticket takers and add turnstiles that allow customers to scan their own tickets. Ticketinghub integrates with any type of turnstiles so no need to replace your current set up, just plug our simple raspberry pi scanner extension and let your clients scan themselves.

You'll save time, money, not to mention you won't be waiting in long lines!

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